Partnering to Advance Success

Gelest, Inc.

The Coretec Group™ and Gelest, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of silane, silicone, and metal-organic specialty materials, have entered into a supply agreement to enable the pilot-scale manufacturing of our high value liquid silicon precursor, cyclohexasilane, Si6H12 (CHS). This partnership will allow The Coretec Group to produce CHS in volumes sufficient to sell for evaluation to potential commercialization partners, such as a commercial supplier of materials used in Li-ion batteries.

Coretec's CHS material will be listed on the Gelest website and within its catalogue for sale. It is anticipated there will be enough material produced to accommodate the Company's commercialization partners during the early stages of product development and to support the federal and state grants it is currently pursuing.

NDSU Research Foundation

The Coretec Group™ and North Dakota State University Research Foundation (NDSURF) entered into an exclusive licensing agreement for the development and commercialization of an IP portfolio of silicon-based materials and technology, including Cyclohexasilane, Si6H12 (CHS). The licensing agreement provides access to 11 existing and three pending patents representing global intellectual property around silicon-based materials for growing markets including energy storage, solar power, microelectronics, and printable electronics. The Company also has an option for additional existing and pending patents. The licensed and optioned patents include those in Europe and Asia.

North Dakota State University

The Coretec Group supports the research of Dr. Philip Boudjouk, Jordan A. Engberg Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Professor in the Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry at North Dakota State University. Dr. Boudjouk's research is centered on the synthesis and mechanisms of organometallic compounds, especially those compounds containing silicon. He is the inventor of technologies licensed from NDSU Research Foundation. Dr. Boudjouk manages a team of people with broad expertise in the research of new materials and processes based on cyclohexasilane. Dr. Boudjouk and his team were recently awarded a grant from the North Dakota Department of Commerce to perform research on reducing the manufacturing cost of Cyclohexasilane. This grant will be cost shared by The Coretec Group. The research will be performed in a 1200 sq. ft. state of the art laboratory located at NDSU that was developed specifically for research on organometallic compounds, including cyclohexasilane.