Routes for Superior Synthesis of Cyclohexasilane

Mar 10, 2015

Tetradecachlorocyclohexasilane dianion (YSi6Cl14 :Y=counter ion), is an important intermediate in the production of cyclohexasilane (Si6H12, CHS). CHS is a liquid precursor for electronics grade silicon materials and devices. CHS is also a more benign liquid phase alternative to gaseous SiH4 and corrosive HSiCl3 in the various procedures and technologies adopted in silicon based electronic processes. The existing method to produce YSi6Cl14 salt is low and yields up to 9-11%. This invention teaches a method to produce yields that are significantly improved to approximately 80-90% for the YSi6Cl14 salt.

3D Volumetric Display

Sep 28, 2014

A 3D projection apparatus, which comprises a projector and angular array of illumination optics that are coupled to an imager and a light source, then coupled to the angular array of projection optics. The result is an apparatus for high-resolution full-color, true 3D images.

Composition and Method of Forming Functionalized Cyclohexasilanes

Dec 10, 2009

This invention pertains to a composition of matter derived from cyclohexasilane. The compound has unique physical properties and can exist in a liquid state at standard temperature and pressure- a characteristic that renders them appropriate for applications in novel deposition routes including high-speed printing and direct-write. The invention has applications in the manufacture of silicon-based solar cell in the photovoltaic industry.

Advances in the Deposition of Amorphous Silicon Films and Printed, Flexible Electronic Circuits

Aug 24, 1999

This patented technology provides a compound and process useful in the production of amorphous silicon films, such as those used in photovoltaic applications, as well as in the creation of printed, flexible electronic circuits. The technology involves a process of producing compounds containing a tetradecachlorocyclohexasilane dianion. These compounds are prepared by contacting trichlorosilane with a reagent composition comprising a tertiary polyamine. The resulting dianion can be chemically reduced to liquid cyclohexasilane (CHS), a stable compound useful in silicon-based industries.