Silicon-Based Technology for Tomorrow's Markets

The Coretec Group™ is committed to enabling next-generation technology for advanced technology markets. Our product portfolio is based on the production of innovative silicon products, starting with cyclohexasilane, Si6H12 (CHS), a liquid that converts to polysilane when exposed to heat or UR irradiation followed by amorphous silicon and ultimately crystalline silicon. This novel liquid state provides new opportunities to introduce silicon-containing electronic materials, leading to improved performance, reduced cost, simplified manufacturing, and safer handling when compared to the more traditionally used monosilane. An extremely pure material, CHS is a key element for advanced applications including solar energy, energy storage, sensors, imaging and semiconductors, among others. Through our partnership with Gelest, Inc., The Coretec Group can provide materials for evaluation during new product development and once commercial, in larger scale production quantities. These materials can be varied in purity to meet specific market application needs and lower cost.

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