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Coretec Cyclohexasilane 

Coretec Cyclohexasilane (CHS), (Si6H12) is a silicon precursor that is processed as a liquid, leading to the use of lower-cost, solution-based processes when compared to traditional gas-state silanes. Its novel composition delivers six times the silicon in one molecule*, making it an excellent source of silicon in applications including semiconductors, energy storage, solid-state lighting, solar, and printable electronics.

*Compared to traditional silanes

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Coretec CSpace®

Coretec CSpace replicates as closely as possible the natural viewing conditions without limiting the viewing zone. CSpace is a patented glasses-free 3D static volumetric display technology that is being designed to produce high-resolution full-color, true 3D images from 3D datasets generated by imaging systems or transformed from raw datasets (i.e., cyber data) that can benefit from visualization in 3D.

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