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Coretec HexaSilane™

Coretec HexaSilane (CHS) is a cyclohexasilane (Si6H12) that is processed as a liquid, leading to the use of lower cost solution based processes when compared to traditional gas-state silanes. Its novel composition delivers six times the silicon in one molecule*, making it an excellent source of silicon in applications including energy storage, solar, solid state lighting, microelectronics and printable electronics.

*Compared to traditional silanes

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Coretec CSpace™ replicates as closely as possible natural viewing conditions without limiting the viewing zone available to the viewer. CSpace is a patented glasses-free 3D static volumetric display technology that is being designed to produce high-resolution full- color, true 3D images from 3D datasets generated by imaging systems or transformed from raw datasets (e.g., cyber data) that can benefit from visualization in 3D.

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Other Technologies

Through a partnership with North Dakota State University, The Coretec Group has optioned a portfolio of technologies for using CHS to produce silicon nanofibers, silicon quantum dots, silicon films, and doped silicon alloys. These technologies can be licensed to users of CHS to support product development and accelerate the adoption of CHS. For more information about The Coretec Group's full portfolio of licensable technologies, contact our team at